Sunday, May 16, 2010

A Trip to Far West and Adam-ondi-Ahman

Ann and I by Preacher's Rock at Adam-ondi-Ahman

Adam-ondi-Ahman marker

Ann and I with the Prophet Joseph at Far West Bookstore

Ann and I with our friends, Bro and Sis. Sprangler to the left (we were in the MTC with them) and Bro. and Sis. Buoy on the right - Far West
Myself, Ann, Lavonna and Lynn (Sisters Zurligen and Williams) at Far West Monument

On May 1, 2010 we (myself, Ann, Lavonna and Lynn) drove to Liberty Jail where we had been told that we would meet up with a bus that was taking the young sisters to Far West and Adam-ondi-Ahman. Well, they totally forgot about us (and some other senior missionary couples), so we all drove to meet them at Far West, only making a couple of wrong turns and getting a little bit lost. Anyway, we made it and only missed out on the first few minutes of the presentation by the tour guide. It was interesting to be there with a tour guide, as you learn a lot more about everything that happened there, as opposed to being there by yourself. It is so special to spend time with the young Sisters. We really love them and feel so close to them -- especially the ones that serve in our ward and that we see on a regular basis. Afterward we went to the Bookstore just beyond Far West. We then followed everyone to Adam-ondi-Ahman. Again, it made it so much more special to have a tour guide and to be with the young Sisters and some of the senior couples. It started out being a chilly morning at Far West, but the sun came out and the rest of the day was beautiful.

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  1. What? Where's that picture of Sister Marshall on preacher's rock!? [insert mischievous grin here]