Sunday, May 9, 2010


Much to my surprise, I looked on my daughter-in-law's (Whitney) blog and there was a beautiful Mother's Day tribute written by my son, Aaron. Thank you, Aaron, for your love and support and for all the wonderful memories. Also, I had a lengthy telephone conversation with my son, Jeremy, which meant a lot to me. He has been a very busy young man with his work, completing his Masters Degree and having a young family. It's been a while since he has had time for such a lengthy conversation. I have also talked to Karrin, John, Amy and Suzanne, as well as receiving beautiful cards. I received wonderful expressions of love from each of them, as well as from my grandchildren. I am so blessed to have such a wonderful family. I love each of them very, very much. Thank you all for your kind thoughts and for your love. Today has been a wonderful Mother's Day, even though I am far away from all of you.

As usual, church was another spiritual feast, with stories and music that was truly exceptional. Ann's daughter, Michelle, has been here this weekend to spend Mother's Day with her mom, and has been so very thoughtful. As you can see from the picture, she ordered flowers for both of us. She was disappointed that the flower place made a mistake and send a boutonniere instead of a second corsage, but I was very pleased with her sweet thought of including me.


  1. You two sure looked sharp! It was my pleasure to honor both of you for the great mothers that you are. I know it must have been very hard not being with any of your kids that day. I hope my little token helped a little bit.


  2. Thanks, Michelle, your thoughtfulness helped a lot, and it was such a pleasure to have you here with us. I know it meant a lot to your mom.