Tuesday, May 4, 2010

These are pictures of the inside of our apartment. Notice the quilts on the beds in the bedroom -- both made by our good friend, Karen Taylor. Pretty amazing, huh! I was stunned when she presented them to us at our Goodbye Party that was given by our Conference Center team at her home just before we left to go into the MTC. I really love the quilt and it is there with me every day. Thank you again and again, Karen. We are going to see Karen and Ross next week -- they are coming to visit us -- I'll be sure to get some pictures while they are here. All the furniture you see here is from the "back cave" (where they have extra furniture for the missionaries -- except the beds that are new), or from thrift shops. I did buy a couple of Costco tables and a couple of Walmart lamps. I wanted a place to put things and good light to read by. Anyway, we were fortunate to find things that actually match. One of the senior couples that live in this complex loaned us a television -- yes, we're allowed to have a television, although we really don't have time to watch it. We are able to play music on it and so that is nice. We're happy here.

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