Monday, January 24, 2011

Last Best of All - Carolyn's Baptism

We were thrilled to be there for Carolyn McIndoo's baptism. She is such a dear lady and we love her. It took her a while, but we're so grateful she made this decision. Isn't she so cute! Bishop Cato baptized her. That is the hardest part about having a mission come to a close, is not being able to see the people you love. It was such a wonderful experience.

Bishop Cato and wife, Sondra

First Counselor to Bp. Cato, Jose Mendoza and wife, Mercedes

Ann and I with Sister Adamson. She was just on her way home.
Almost new member, Carolyn, with Sisters Reid and Frandson
A wonderful way to end our mission experience.

Bingham-Wagner & Vail Mansions

The Bingham-Wagner Mansion with Christmas Decorations We have been to these mansions before but wanted to go back and see Christmas decorations. It was definitely worth it.

Vail Mansion with Christmas Decorations

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Our Last Dinner with Young Sisters

Sister Frandsen and Sister Reid. Beautiful sisters and we love them so much.
Jackie Hardwick joined us for dinner -- she was baptized just a few months ago.
Myself, Jackie, Sisters Frandsen and Reid. Where are you Ann -- I thought these pictures were being taken automatically -- she was there -- had prepared a wonderful dinner, as usual.

Our Last Senior Dinner (Christmas)

The main cook!! We all brought something for our dinner, but Lynn cooked TWO turkeys. Quite an undertaking as her apartment was pretty well packed for her departure a few days later.

Lynn, Ann and I -- we're going to miss all our senior couple friends.

Jane and Tom Lasko (the new replacements at the library) and Sister Lee

Sister Van Koman and the Linde's

Singing our "missionary song" -- the Howell's, McLellins and Waldrons

Sis. Bouy (Dorothy) and I (think this is at a different event, as I'm wearing something different -- maybe Lynn's farewell dinner). Oh well.

Ann taking care of some of the decorating

The finished Christmas Tree

One More Trip to Far West and Adam-ondi-Ahman

I loved being at the Far West Temple Site, even though it was cold and windy. I truly felt that I was on sacred ground as I read the markers for each cornerstone.

We finally found the Charles C. Rich cabin in Far West. Charles C. Rich is Ann's great, great grandfather, so this was a very special experience for her -- for all of us. There isn't much left of the cabin, but we were still happy to have found it.

On to Adam-ondi-Ahman. Ann and Lynn -- cold but happy to be here. We were so glad we made this last trip to these sites, even though it was a little late in the season.

Me -- also happy to be here.

Preacher's Rock -- we had to take a little hike to get here, so I wore my coat.

Nephitish alter and burial mound / Adam's alter at Tower Hill

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Hurray! My Son, Aaron, Comes to Visit

I was so excited to learn that Aaron had a work assignment in Manhattan, Missouri, and that he would be able to spend a little bit of time with me. He flew into Kansas City on Monday and drove to the Library where I work and we were able to have a few hours before he returned to airport to pick up co-workers and drive to Manhattan.

On Friday, after a week's work and dropping off co-workers at the airport, he drove to Independence and we were able to see a few sights Friday evening. He stayed Friday night and then we were able to do more sightseeing on Saturday before he had to return to airport to fly home. It was such a special treat for me to spend some time with him. Thanks so much, Aaron. I love you.

We visited the cemetery in Independence where Joseph Smith III (son of Joseph Smith, Jr.) is buried. He was the first President of the Reorganized (Community of Christ) Church. There are others of that family buried there also.

The marker for those in Zions Camp who died of cholera

We then visited the Community of Christ temple

This is a picture of the ceiling inside the sanctuary.

The Community of Christ First Presidency

The Community of Christ Twelve Apostles

Displays on walkway to Sanctuary -- all a little foreign to me, but interesting to see

Community of Christ Auditorium

Temple Site - owned by Church of Christ

We also went to the Visitor's Center, by the Truman Home and then on to the Truman Library. They had the flag at half staff -- not sure if that is the case all the time or if there was some other reason.
The Harry S. Truman Library and Museum is a wonderful place to visit, and we spent a couple of hours here. It's impossible to really post pictures that do it justice, but here are a few.

Me and Aaron in lobby of library.

Replica of the Oval Office

Harry S Truman and wife, Bess, graves