Thursday, August 19, 2010

A Renaissance Evening

Jackie (friend -- and also a new convert) and me with Prince Charming (? -- I don't think so, but he was very nice)
Looks like the Fairy Godmother to me
One course of our six-course dinner (think it had to serve about six people)
Ann and Lynn enjoying their turkey legs

We all worked hard at the library this week and this was our little weekend diversion. We decided to attend this Renaissance six-course dinner in order to get free tickets (we paid for the dinner) to the Renaissance Festival in Kansas City -- we'll go in September . This dinner and entertainment was held in a RLDS chapel cultural hall -- a little different than what you would find in ours, I'm sure, but we enjoyed it.

Even though all there is to really put on my blog is our weekend activities (it would get pretty boring to stare at the scanner and computers that we spend every day doing), we're all so grateful for the gospel and for the opportunity we're having to serve the Lord at this time and in this way. I know I can speak for all (my companion, Ann and our co-workers/missionaries, Lynn and Lavonna). We love the experience we're having and are amazed at how quickly the time is passing.

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