Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Still More Nauvoo

The monument of Joseph and Hyrum on their last ride out of Nauvoo

Where the Saints left from across the Mississippi River when they were driven out of Nauvoo

The beautiful Nauvoo Temple

The young man who played King Follett in the Pageant.

The Prophet Joseph giving the King Follett discourse

We attended church Sunday morning before driving home. When we had attended the Pageant, there was a young Catholic priest who was there. I'm sure they are always invited. Last year when I attended, that was the case also. Anyway, while we were waiting for church to start, this young Catholic priest came in and sat on the back row. Shortly after, Jeff (the young man who played Joseph Smith) came in and sat down by the Catholic priest. I thought that was great -- Joseph Smith and the Catholic priest sat together through church.

We then drove home and were happy to have a little time to rest before returning to work. It was a very fun trip.

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  1. I love that about Joseph Smith and the Catholic priest. You have the best sense of humor. I'm glad your mission is going so well! Love and miss you!