Tuesday, August 3, 2010


A sightseeing wagon ride

Dean, Charlene, myself, DeEtte and Paul (We had just watched the King Follett discourse by Joseph Smith)

Sister Reber and Sister Walker sporting their tennis shoes in the seats they had saved for the Pageant

Ann, myself and Sister Reber

Ann and I someplace -- sure can't remember where, but the Nauvoo Temple is in the background

We continued on to Nauvoo after lunch in Hannibal and settled into our little motel room for the next three nights. I can't recall all we did, but I know we managed to get pretty much everything in. We met up with Sister Reber, a missionary that we had become friends with in the MTC. It was fun to see her perform in the Rendezvous and Sunset musicals. We were able to go to lunch with her and to Annie's Frozen Custard (we managed to visit Annie's every day we were there).

What made it extra special for me was that my brother, Dean, his wife Charlene, my sister De Ette and her husband Paul were there. They had been to Palmyra to the Pageant and it worked out that they were in Nauvoo on the same weekend that we had planned to be there. How amazing is that. It made the trip extra special.

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