Monday, September 6, 2010

Kansas City - Hallmark, World War I Museum, etc.

Another Saturday excursion into Kansas City. We (Lynn, myself, Ann and Lavonna) started out at the Hallmark Visitor's Center. We really enjoyed seeing how cards are made -- including artists, how verses are written, actual cards being made, etc. It's quite a process. Also, I enjoyed hearing the history of how Hallmark was started and that it has remained in the hands of the same family through the generations. I'm a confirmed Hallmark card fan.
Here's Ann with her good friend, Maxine. She loves the saying and I agree "Attitude is Everything"

This is myself, Lynn and Lavonna on top of the Liberty Memorial Tower. What a great view. Ann was there too -- taking the picture.
The Liberty Memorial Tower and entrance into World War I Museum. I really loved the museum and learning about World War I, especially the chronology of the war and the story of why America entered the war. Great museum.

This is a view of Kansas City from the Liberty Tower and a view of Union Station, which we also went to see -- after going through the Crown Center Mall and having lunch and frozen custard. Again, we love our 5 days a week work at the Library, but also our Saturdays to take in some of the sights.

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