Sunday, June 27, 2010

Truman Home Visit / Senior Conference

Sister Williams, myself, Ann and Sister Z went to lunch in Kansas City at "Sweet Tomatoes" and then back to Independence to visit the Truman Home, which had just opened after some renovation. It's a delightful home that Pres. Truman and his wife, Bess, lived in their whole married lives, except when they were in the White House. It was very unpretentious -- especially the kitchen -- when they could have had so much more. I have enjoyed learning more about Pres. Truman and his life here in Independence.


This is a picture of all the seniors. I'm really there, but hiding.
Pres. and Sister Van Koman
Sister Ann, Sister Lee, myself and Sister Williams

We all attended the Senior Conference at Pres. and Sister Van Koman's home. It's always very enjoyable to get together with the other seniors in the mission. They are all senior couples except for the four of us who work in the library, and Sister Lee who recently arrived and is working in the office.

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