Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Lake of the Ozarks

Upon arrival

View from living room
Ann going for the Frozen Custard -- me too!During storm
Within minutes after storm

We decided to take a short weekend trip to Lake of the Ozarks, which is only a 3-hour drive. Ann has a timeshare there and so we had a lovely place to stay for a couple of nights. I'm always amazed how beautiful this part of the country is when we take these short trips, and Lake of the Ozarks is really, really beautiful. What's amazing to me is that it's a man-made lake that is huge with miles and miles of fingers (lakes) sprouting off with always a continuous mass of trees. The lake that you see here is just one of the many fingers of the lake. I just can't even begin to describe it. We always find a fun place to eat (as well as a BBQ on the patio) and drive around to do lots of sightseeing and just relax in the beautiful timeshare. I'm grateful that we have the opportunity to see these beautiful places while we're here, as it's doubtful I will ever make it back.

We did have the experience of a couple of Missouri thunder/lightning/high wind/torrents of rain storm while we were there -- one while we were out shopping (we really hustled out of a store to drive quickly back to the timeshare, as it was a little scary to see -- and there is always the possibility of tornadoes) and one while we were driving home. That was a little scary too. In fact I got off the road when I couldn't see in front of me and the wind was about blowing me off the road to wait it out for a while. It's quite amazing to be in one of those storms -- the skies turn black and winds pick up to 60-70 mph in what seems like only minutes. However, they don't seem to last too long, and then the sun comes out and it's beautiful again. At least that was the case that weekend.

We attended a ward there that we really enjoyed. It seems like we always run into someone that knows someone we know or has lived someplace that we've lived. Amazing what a small world it is. I really love that no matter where we go, the gospel is the same.

In addition to our little side trips, we're working hard at the library and enjoying very much what we do -- we even know what we're doing now and so getting lots done. We're grateful for this opportunity and for the blessings that we're receiving.

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  1. Hi Sister Pat! Great photos! Glad you are able to have some fun in your off time.