Friday, June 18, 2010

Weekend Activities

Ann and I with with Bishop Cato and his wife, Sondra, at the Emergency Preparedness activity.

Sister Lynn Williams and I after our Search and Rescue activity.

On May 30 we attended a Stake Emergency Preparedness activity at the Stake Center. They had quite a crew there from the city to conduct different activities, including fire engines. I joined in the Search and Rescue team. It was a great activity on a hot and humid day (actually, it wasn't that bad). We had a great turnout from our ward. Bishop Cato was very happy.

Newly baptized member, Jackie Hardwick, at the Sunday potluck.

Sondra Cato (Bishop's wife) enjoying the potluck.

This is Bishop Cato with a towel on his head.

On Sunday, June 7, we had a "Come on Home" potluck after our 3-hour block of meetings. Members who had moved, as well as friends and neighbors were invited. It was held on the grassy hill above the 3-level parking lot. There was LOADS of food and it was enjoyed by all.

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