Friday, November 5, 2010

A Little Catchup

I had to add a few pictures of the wonderful l library where we work. It's fun to go to such a new, beautiful building every day -- and even our spacious (considering) backroom where we work is a pleasant place to be -- new, big and lots of light (windows) -- see pictures in earlier post.

Sister Clarke and Sister Avauli. We always enjoy having the young sisters over for dinner -- and also having the opportunity to go out with them on teaching/visiting appointments. Sister Clarke had to go home for some surgery, but will be back before Thanksgiving.

This is certainly not fancy, but it's nice to have a couple of just "family walls." Thanks family!

This is the four "single senior sisters" that work at the Genealogical Library. We're at the Mission Home for a Senior Conference. Sister "Z" (LaVonna) left last Wednesday for home -- so now there are just three .

Sister "Z" (LaVonna), myself, Ann and Lynn

Below are all the current Senior Missionaries -- at least current as of 2-3 months ago. On the first and second row next to the Mission President and his wife (with Ann and I on the other side) are guests that were there, President Frederick Larson and his wife. It was such a special opportunity to meet them and to hear him speak to us. He is the last living lineal descendant of the Prophet Joseph Smith, Jr., and currently the President of the Remnant Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (one of the numerous breakoff groups of the Reorganized (Community of Christ) church. It was a pretty amazing experience.

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