Thursday, October 21, 2010

A Day of Heat & Humidity and then Hail -- BIG HAIL

We went to the Renaissance Festival (because we had free tickets).

Jackie, Lynn and Ann

I liked the animal things

Ann with the Giants
Ann with the Giants

Me at the end of our day -- very hot and soaking wet
(in case you can't tell from the hairdo)

We had just arrived home -- noticing that it was starting to get cloudy. The next thing we knew it was like someone was pounding on the walls with a big club. We looked out and much to our surprise, it was hailing -- hail as big as baseballs. You can kind of get an idea with the picture. Most were the size of golf balls, but there were definitely ones the size of baseballs. I heard on the news that in some places, hail was 5-1/2 inches -- the size of softballs. It sure did a number on my car -- many dents and some quite large. I'm sure it's fixable -- have an appointment next week to have it taken care of. There have been dent repair shops/trailers pop up on every street corner. Also, roof repair signs on a good share of homes in the area. Quite a lightning/thunder storm -- it was like a strobe light show in the sky just going round and round in circles. Glad we were not out for a walk right at that time.

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